J.A.W. Breakers Fellowship

The Amen institute is launching its first artist fellowship. We are looking for 30 impressive Jewish artists to honour as our Jewish Artists of the Week. If you want your art to be featured by more than 100 synagogues around North America, connect with a diverse community of talented Jewish artists, present and sell your art in our annual artist showcase, and receive priority in our annual artist retreats, then this is the fellowship for you.

During this fellowship, you will be assigned a portion of the Torah to inspire your visual arts piece and you will be paired up with a Rabbinic fellow to study this portion with, where together you will work through important theological and spiritual questions that come from this biblical text. Through the inspiration of your Chevruta (partnered learning), you will be asked to create a work of art that will be featured in the Shabbat Newsletter of synagogues all around the world. At the end of the year, you will present and auction off this piece at our Color Commentary Art Gallery. Throughout the year we will present many opportunities to meet and connect with other artist fellows, and provide platforms to spotlight your talent. We want to put your creative spirit and wisdom in conversation with Jewish discourse, and in empowering your voice bring new perspectives, wisdom and beauty to Jewish communities around the world.

In addition to all that is entailed in this fellowship, all artists will receive $500 USD. We will award one artist a prize total of $2000 a second place $1000 and 4 artists will receive $750, based on what our panel deems as, the most thought-provoking art pieces. Each month we will also be spotlighting an emerging artist (under the age of 40) and a high schooler. No prior experience in text-study is required, merely a curiosity and a willingness to engage with them will be necessary. Applications close Wednesday, July 14th at midnight EDT. Artists will hear back from our panel by July 31st.


Each artist fellow will meet with their Rabbinic study partner one month before their “Jewish Artist of the Week” posting will be distributed to synagogues across North America. They will have three weeks to submit a picture of their completed piece and to write a blurb (75 words max) explaining the significance of the work in relation to their Torah study session. Although artists will have the right to choose whether or not they want to put their artwork up for auction, each fellow will commit to presenting their artwork at the end of the 7 weeks and at the Color Commentary Art Gallery. The gallery will be a two day online art exhibition in July 2022. Participation in all other Amen Institute happenings, such as the weekly artist circle, the Tent of Meeting Artists Retreat, and the various other fellowship opportunities are not mandatory but encouraged.

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