Oreach Fellowship

The Oreach Fellowship is a one-year fellowship for rabbis of all denominations who seek to challenge the way they read and teach the Torah. We are in search of 10 rabbis who demonstrate a passion for teaching and a willingness to learn. Fellows will chevruta with 3 talented Jewish artists in their respective mediums throughout the year, and will be challenged to rethink and restructure their sermons. After each of these encounters, each fellow will be asked to compose a Dvar Torah, redefined and refined by the artist Chevruta.

A work of art, a song and a poem, will accompany each of the 3 sermons and will be composed in inspiration or in reaction to the sermon. This allows the art and Torah to be interwoven in dialogue, amplifying one another, and taking the conversation one step further. The goal is for spirituality to be found at the convergence of art and Torah, whilst broadening out the points of entry to the wider Jewish community. Applications close on Saturday July 24th at midnight EDT. Rabbis will hear back from our panel by July 31st.

Fellowship Offerings:

  • All fellows will receive $1000 USD and the chance to be our Rabbi in Residence at the Tent of Meeting Artists Retreat.
  • Be a part of a special cohort of rabbis who bring their heart and souls into their Torah.
  • Connect with eclectic artists who are eager to probe deeper and push you to engage with Jewish texts on a deeper level.
  • All sermons will be copyedited before being sent out.
  • In addition to the art piece, every Dvar Torah will be accompanied by an original song and poem (Look at
    Bezallel Koli for reference). By the end of the year, there will be 9 distinct works of art that interact with the content of your teaching.
  • A link to your sermons will be found in more than 100 synagogue’s weekly newsletters. (The full list to be announced in the coming weeks)
  • Your sermons will have two-way compatibility with Sefaria i.e. there will be a link to your sermon at each scriptural citation on Sefaria and interactability with the scriptural citation directly from your sermon.


The fellowship will begin in August 2021 and will run through to May 2022. Throughout the year, we will be posting each of the sermons on our website with the artwork produced through the chevrutot. Each fellow will commit to teaching/studying the parsha with an artist chevruta seven weeks prior to the week that the sermon will correspond to. The rabbi and artist fellows will reconvene to re-examine the subject through the lens of the artist’s work and the week of the parsha the rabbi and artist will have a public conversation sharing the art and the sermon created in the wake of this artist-rabbinic hevruta. At the end of the year, there will be an opportunity for one of the fellows to be the Amen Institute’s Rabbi in Residence, where they will teach three sessions at our Tent of Meeting Artists Retreat. The Rabbi in Residence will be compensated $1500 USD for this recognition.

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