Learn more about the people behind the Bezallel Koli project

Rabbi Ronnie Cahana

Rabbi Ronnie Cahana, was a pulpit rabbi for 25 years before suffering a brain stem stroke in 2011, that left him quadriplegic. He has written poetry for 50+ years and, among other formative moments in his trajectory as a poet, was given a special invitation to join John Ashbery’s poetry seminar in 1977. Since his stroke, poetry has provided a creative outlet for him to express his theology and voice his gratitude of having been given a second chance at life.

Briah Cahana

Briah is Studying at Yeshivat Maharat and has taught Tanakh in Jewish day schools, and summer camps. She has organized interfaith dialogues, and spaces for religious women to build personal connections through art, poetry, music and volunteering. As a Soferet, she has been commissioned to write 50+ Mezuzot and Ketubot.

Dvir Cahana

Dvir is a rabbi in training at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and began performing Jewish hip hop with his high school group, Les Miz-R-Achim, in 2009. In 2010, he began writing Jewish themed battle raps and in 2011 one of his Torahps was featured on Radio Shalom. He released his first album, @étude in 2012. In 2015, he started a freestyle group Zach-Relillygious that performed at the Yellow Door Cafe. In 2018, he founded the Moishe House of Montreal and made 50+ music videos/advertisements for their events. In his year and a half there, he assembled 5 albums. In 2019, he won several freestyle tournaments, including EOW where he qualified for the nationals. In 2019, he also organized a 40 person weekend music retreat that featured 3 concerts, 5 workshops, and was capped off with the completion of an album.

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