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Oreach Fellowship

The Oreach Fellowship is a one-year fellowship for rabbis of all denominations who seek to challenge the way they read and teach the Torah. We are in search of 10 rabbis who demonstrate a passion for teaching and a willingness to learn. Fellows will chevruta with 3 talented Jewish artists in their respective mediums throughoutContinue reading “Oreach Fellowship”

Color Commentary Art Exhibition

At the beginning of the year, Eli Weinbach, Hody Nemes, Emile Ackerman and Dvir Cahana, brainstormed how to create a space for Jewish religious creatives to gather, make art, and build community. With the support of the Harlem Moishe House and Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and with Rabbi Bronwen Mullin’s guidance, we arrived at the ideaContinue reading “Color Commentary Art Exhibition”

Hazinu: Altar Your Ego

BS”D By Dvir Cahana September 18, 2020 Every time I think about Parashat Ha’azinu, I am reminded of how my 9th grade Tanach teacher elevated this poem’s status among biblical writings. She cited an obscure chasidic legend that stated that every Jew’s name can be found hidden within these 70 lines and would recount storiesContinue reading “Hazinu: Altar Your Ego”

Ki Tavo: Blessing comes from Giving

BS”D By Briah Cahana September 5 2020 “What do you do when your prayers are answered?” This is a question my father asks frequently, wispily, his eyes elevated in mirth. It is a powerful framework to imagine our lives deeply entangled in dialogue with the Divine, Creator of the Universe, listening and responding to ourContinue reading “Ki Tavo: Blessing comes from Giving”

Ki Teitzeh: If Something is Allowed Does that Make it Right?

BS”D By Dvir Cahana August 28, 2020 “In what ways has the Holocaust impacted your life?” The question sliced through the light banter like barbed wire on a scenic Polish landscape. Dr. Eva Fogelman, a researcher on the psychological effects of the Holocaust was interviewing me after having interviewed my grandmother the first year IContinue reading “Ki Teitzeh: If Something is Allowed Does that Make it Right?”

Shoftim: Restoring P(ol)eaceful Justice that Protects Everybody

BS”D  Rabbi Ronnie Cahana August 21, 2020 It is deeply troubling that we are living in a society so perverse in justice where the slogan we’re calling out from the streets is Black Lives Matter. Does anyone accept the implication of answering in the negative? How have we come to this point? Black is theContinue reading “Shoftim: Restoring P(ol)eaceful Justice that Protects Everybody”


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