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Jewish Artist of the Week: Naomie Kremer

THE AMEN INSTITUTE June 26 – July 2 2022כז’ סיון – ג’ תמוז תשפ״ב Parshat Korach קרח Piece Description:Rabbi Jessica Meyer and I studied Parshat Korach. It tells the story of the rebellion against the authority of Aaron as the head of the priesthood. As a test to prove Aaron’s “chosen-ness” Moses proposed that all 12 tribal headsContinue reading “Jewish Artist of the Week: Naomie Kremer”

Jewish Artist of the Week: Beth Achenbach

 June 5-11 2022Parshat Nasso נשאו’ – י”ב סיון תשפ״ב Piece Description:This artwork touches on the grandness and oddities that were the massive travelling tribes of Israel. From the roles of the men building a giant tent wherever they camped, to executing the rituals, spells and sacrifices according to law, it would have been a spectacle. It also shines a spotlightContinue reading “Jewish Artist of the Week: Beth Achenbach”

Jewish Artist of the Week: Judith Joseph

THE AMEN INSTITUTEApril 3th-16th  2022ב’-ט”ו ניסן תשפ״בParshat Metzora מצרעHappy Passover! Piece Description:Rabbi Baruch Thaler led me through levels of meaning of the Torah portion for this week: (Metzora: Leviticus 14:1 – 15:33). It has to do with a ritual of purification for a person who has a skin disease. I worked on sketches and ideas, inspired by our learning,Continue reading “Jewish Artist of the Week: Judith Joseph”

Jewish Artist of the Week: Estee Ellis

THE AMEN INSTITUTE March 27th – April 2nd  2022כ”ג-כ”ט אדר ב’ תשפ״בParshat Tazria תזריע Piece Description:The nine-page Dvar Torah comic for Parashat Tazria offers readers insights into the weekly Torah portion through an illustrated chavruta with Rabbi Jason Herman, as well as personal meditations from the author. Conversations and ideas are represented through image and text acrossContinue reading “Jewish Artist of the Week: Estee Ellis”


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