Pardes-ipatory Lyric Annotations

Welcome to Dvir’s main page, where you will be able to listen to all of his songs in one place, and while you’re at it, click on the lyrics to be transported to the page where you can write in your own personal Pshat, Remez, Drash and Sod to each track.

Anger Man Age Mentality (Hazinu)
Needle in the ה (Nitzavim)
Be Cured Cholim (Ki Tavo)
Justice in the Prism System (Shoftim)
Dor, Re’eh, Me (Re’eh)
Double Heel-IX Ladder (Ekev)
Shalow ShalE, Shalo3 Shalom (Va’etchanan)
Pent Up and Tucked Away (Devarim)
Test Reviewed (Matot-Masei)
Pain Cause and Effect (Pinchas)
פרה דְמָמָה is Golden (Chukat)
There is a Korach in Everything that is how Delight gets in (Korach)
Shlach Rock (Shlach Lecha)
Mo, Sis, Aaron: The Side of Caution (Be’Haalotcha)
ברכת השחר (Nasso)

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